Civil Rights Litigation

The Bill of Rights protects us from abuse by government officials, ordering them what they can and cannot do to us. We have a right to freedom of speech, freedom of press, and freedom of illegal searches and seizures, among others. As the former chairman of the Georgia State Bar’s Individual Rights Committee, Attorney Robb Ortman has been protecting these rights for over ten years and practicing law for over twenty years.

Unfortunately, cost prohibits a lot of people from being able to exercise those rights. Court costs, deposition fees, court reporter fees, travel fees, parking….the list goes on and on, but the fact is it is not cheap and finding a civil rights lawyer is cost prohibitive. We see it as rights prohibitive and we want to help. Attorney Robb Ortman will work with you, for you. Because if even one of our civil rights are violated, there is a danger that all of ours will be.

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