Don’t Give Cherokee a Reason to Build!

Small, little, country Cherokee County, Georgia…..ahhhh! You can smell the fresh air, admire rolling hills, and wonder what the hell all that hammering noise is. It’s building folks. Subdivisions. Lots and lots of subdivisions. And it’s not slowing down. That’s right, small town just became metro; Cheorkee is the fastest growing county in the State of Georgia. That’s good in a way. Growth is good. But the fact that our local government saw this coming and already starting adding a massive addition to the county jail should concern us all. Yes, more population generally means more arrests, but it doesn’t have to. We have Lyft, Uber, Door Dash, Women’s Homes, Men’s Homes, free rides from Canton and Woodstock Police if you’re too drunk to drive. We have a lot of options and I say, this New Year let’s prove them wrong. We don’t need one of these in Cherokee…..(btw that’s DeKalb’s jail!!)



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