THOR! GOD OF (Drug Addiction?)!

A good criminal defense attorney will always recommend that a new client begin working on his/her case as soon as possible, before the first court date. When it comes to felony drug possession, it is important to show the District Attorney that the client has an addiction and is currently seeking treatment and, a lot of times, the DA will go along with that treatment plan when considering making a plea offer. In other words, it is VERY possible, with a good criminal lawyer, to eliminate any jail time whatsoever AND beat the disease! So, what’s this THOR nonsense? THOR is an approved rehab center that Cherokee County, at least, will require. You see, rehabs come in many shapes and sizes. Some are Christian-based and out-patient, some are private, for profit halfway homes, and some are in-house. Cherokee County always requires THOR approved (usually in-patient rehab over a certain length of time). To do rehab anywhere else is essentially a waste of time and may result in your going to R-SAT (rehab in jail). So, how do you find THOR approved facilities? Easy. Go to the Georgia Board of Pardons and Paroles and search THOR in the upper right-hand corner. Or, better yet, just click below.


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