Field Sobriety Tests…on a Boat?!?

Yes, it’s a real thing and given the sudden temperature drop from almost 70 to 40 overnight, it’s nice to talk “boat talk.” And when I think of boats and the Department of Natural Resources, I’m reminded of just how asinine BUI “stops” are, particularly field sobriety tests; how well do you stand, what’s your balance like, on a rocking boat? Really? And what about the HGN (vision) test? “Look at this pen at eye level, to the left and to the right, and if you mess up, you’re BUI.” Meanwhile, the vessel tosses and turns and you think to yourself, “this has to be some sort of joke.” Then the cuffs go on and you cringe at the reality that you are going to jail. In a BUI case, I recommend rejecting the field sobriety test. You’re just giving the cops what they want….evidence, no matter how shady, to try to convict you and ruin your life.

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