The Most Important Part of a DUI Stop


Smell of alcohol? Check. Preliminary breathalyzer? Check. Field Sobriety Test? Check. It may seem on camera that you’re guilty as hell (and, heck, let’s face it – maybe you are), but what are looking at in the video is probably not even close to what your attorney is looking at. You may see a wobbly, incoherent bozo that screams, “SMH!! Plead guilty now and get this over with!” Your DUI attorney, however, is looking at the stop itself. 90% of the time the reason for the stop is FTML (Failure to Maintain Lane) or Weaving Over Roadway. Both are legitimate reasons to pull you, but did you really weave? And, if so, to what extent and what were the road conditions at the time? What was the weather? The lighting? Was the useless and moronic Georgia Department of Transportation at fault for again painting 2 sets of lane markers in one lane or criss-crossing the lanes or failing to give any notice whatsoever that a lane was going to end ahead as they often do? The point is, there are a variety of factors that come into play as to whether the stop was legit. And if it wasn’t, your DUI may very well be dismissed.

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