“Good Result Fridays” are the Best!

There you are sitting in court on a Friday and you think, “well, this is it. Am I going to work my butt off this weekend prepping for a trial Monday or is the State going to be reasonable and give my valued client something he can seriously consider?” You’ve spoken with the client and you know the line. In this case, it was an outright dismissal of a possession of weed charge. He’d pay the speeding ticket (really, he got pulled on GA 400 doing 70? Who doesn’t drive 70 on 400, but I digress. So, here you are. Will you be bar-b-queing or studying Saturday night? When it works out in your favor, I call it a “good result Friday!” and today was certainly that and more. Got the weed tossed, got the speed ┬áreduced so as zero points on his license. $140 fine and out the door. The original offer was 9 months intense probation. Yea, GRF!!!!

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