Hold My Beer – Georgia is now Hands Free

On July 1, 2018, the State of Georgia finally said, put down your roadie…I mean cell phone. It’s about time, quite frankly. Statistics routinely show that texting while driving causes more accidents than sipping on that oil can (not that you should be drinking and driving at all, I’m just making a point). And, also quite frankly, I personally have been unable to tell whether someone is drunk as hell or operating their phone when I’m behind them, watching them weave from lane to lane, each road sign breathing a sigh of relief as they went by as they will live another day. From a DUI lawyer standpoint, understand this: this law gives the police more reason to pull you over. It’s bad enough that you may be beyond legal limits and driving, but add texting and it really is a recipe for disaster and now cops have another tool in their arsenal. Don’t give them a reason, be smart, put the phone away.

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