What is a “hard suspension” under Georgia DUI law?

If you are convicted or plea to a DUI in Georgia, your ┬álicense will be automatically suspended. But whether the suspension is a “hard suspension” or not is of paramount concern to the defendant. A “hard suspension” is where the defendant is stuck without a license. Period. Get caught driving, you’re going to jail. It doesn’t matter if you are driving to the drug store to pick up life-saving meds or to the corner to pick up your child from the school bus stop. Automatic jail. Now, if a defendant’s drivers’ license is not hard suspended, you may obtain a “limited driver’s permit” under Georgia law which allows you to drive to certain places even though your license is suspended – places like work, school, your child’s school, the doctor, etc. It is imperative your Georgia DUI lawyer know what suspension you will receive prior to any plea determination. Certain circumstances in Georgia DUI law require a hard suspension. Ask you lawyer if your case qualifies to be excluded from such a tragedy.


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