Trusting Georgia DDS on DUI

Like most other government agencies, the DDS can get quite overworked. I can’t tell you how many cases I’ve handled where the client swears he called DDS and they said his license wasn’t suspended only to find out later that it was. Explaining that to law enforcement when they pull you over is like trying to explain to rock how to move. But now with this new Georgia DUI law, you have to be extra vigilant. And then don’t trust them. Under the new law, you have 30 days to appeal your suspension. Used to be the arresting officer would simply hand you a form, you both sign it and you had ten days to appeal the suspension. Not anymore. Now you have to be vigilant and call the DDS often to ENSURE your license hasn’t been suspended. But honestly, I don’t trust them even then. I’ve seen far too many cases where that wasn’t enough. Here at Etowah Law, we file for an appeal whether DDS says the officer turned in the paperwork or not. After all, it’s our client’s license and keeping our client driving is our primary concern.

The new Georgia DUI law has changed drastically

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