How to Avoid Showing up for Your Arraignment

Cherokee County, Georgia, held its first day of arraignments today in State Court and, as usual, it was drive around for 30 minutes to find a parking spot followed by standing room only. Why, oh why, do you do it?!? Criminal arraignments in Cherokee County are quite straightforward and what I’m about to tell you as a local criminal defense attorney can save you a lot of time and stress.

A criminal arraignment in Cherokee County, Georgia, is where you plead guilty or not guilty. That’s it. A lot of folks show up and want to argue their case, but that is reserved for another day. If you are guilty, you usually are able to just pay a fine before your court date and you don’t have to come in (particularly traffic citations). It’s amazing how many people show up just to pay a ticket. They could have avoided taking the day off work!

If you want to plead not guilty, you probably should hire an attorney who, get ready for this, will likely waive your appearance at the criminal arraignment so you don’t have to show! Naturally, given that arraignment is the first step of the process, it is advisable to hire a criminal law lawyer earlier than later so, again, you can sleep in or go to work instead of court.

If even half of the citizens of Cherokee County, Georgia, did this, criminal arraignment days wouldn’t be standing room only anymore. And we could all take a deep breath. Happy New Year, folks, and stay safe!!

* Naturally, as a local Cherokee County criminal defense lawyer, I know the ropes here a bit, BUT the above blog is not intended to give legal advice or establish an attorney / client relationship. Such a relationship can only be formed by formal agreement between the parties.

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