The “Race” to the White House

Strip away everything you’ve seen on tv, the internet, radio, and written media. I know it’s difficult, but do it. Now close your eyes and imagine all of your co-workers, employees, and service industry personnel that you have had dealings with over the last year. Think of the ones you see on a weekly basis; think of all genders, races, and ages. Maybe you stop at Wendy’s every day to get a Coke like me. Or maybe you tend to frequent a restaurant. Under the law, this is called “eyewitness testimony” and in at least my experience, I do not seeĀ ANY of the race-relations, immigration-relations, gender-relations hogwash that the media has propagandized. Yea, you get an asshole here and there, but they’re not assholes because of the color of their skin or immigration status. They’re just assholes. Period. We were told a lot of things this election but I urge you all to think about your eyewitness testimony. And I can almost guarantee you, the media loses this case. Love thy neighbor.

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