Another Day, Another Dismissal

With police interaction being in the spotlight nowadays, it is important to remember to keep a cool head and not get all up-in-arms when an officer approaches you. You may feel he’s singling you out because of your race. You may feel he’s singling you out because of your tattoos. Maybe it’s your car. Get this – IT DOESN’T MATTER! The point is that you are in that situation and you have to keep a cool head because, quite frankly, some cops (certainly not all or even most) are assholes and come out of the gate with an over-the-top attitude, just waiting for you to screw up. Case in point is a case I got dismissed today.

My client left her 12 year old and 8 year old at home alone for 30 minutes and her landlord didn’t like that one bit so she called the police. An officer showed up and, upon my client’s arrival, told her she was breaking the law. She said she did not, leaving kids of that age at home alone for a limited time is legal. The officer disagreed and called DFACS. They told him the same, no crime had been committed. The officer barked that he would never leave his kids alone at that age and that’s where the shit hit the fan. My client told the officer, in so many words, that she didn’t care what he would do as a parent, as a police officer his job is to enforce the law. Then, bam! She’s in handcuffs and charged with Reckless Conduct.

Folks, don’t mouth off. It’s tempting, I know. But is it worth potentially going to jail and missing several days of work? Is it worth the stress of thinking it is possible you could be jailed for a year? Short answer: no.

Stay safe and stay quiet!

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