Race Isn’t the Battle

Bad people do bad things. Period. Swarming the streets of ATL does nothing at all. Writing a FB post that supports every single cop does nothing at all. Sniping cops from a parking garage does nothing at all. There are bad cops. There are bad black folks. There are people who hug you and smile at you who will stab you in the back in a split second and there are people who feel uncomfortable by those hugs and yet they be there when you fall. The battle isn’t race; the race is the battle. And the finish line is a society that says, “you should not have shot that person, that human.” Not, “you should not have shot that black guy” or “you should shoot cops.” Those people, those individuals, that promulgate violence aren’t on society’s track. They have a different finish line — one that is based upon personal hatred, greed, or other retardation. We don’t need to talk about it more. We need to talk about it less. Black cops are not all Uncle Toms; white cops are not all KKK members. The more we make them so in our minds, the more division we will have. Stop the madness and believe this, “bad people do bad things.” Period. And they need to be removed from society.

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