Probation Nation

Ok, so you have a plea offer of probation.  Sounds good; keeps you outta jail so it has to be good, right?  Beware!  There are many types of probation and some are relatively straight forward – report once a month, don’t get arrested, take a class, pay a fine.  Simple enough.  But for alleged crimes involving drugs and/or alcohol, add in random screens, more time off work, more fines and fees, and more of a chance of violating probation, thus increasing your odds of getting locked up anyway.  Can’t pee?  Fail.  Piss too watery?  Fail.  Can’t you take blood or hair?  Nope.  A fail usually ends up in getting locked up and invariably the probationer asks himself, why in the hell didn’t I just take straight time?  Keep these things in mind when your attorney recommends probation.

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