I have a new hobby!

After practicing law and going in and out of courthouses for 16 years, I have finally decided to memorialize what I see on almost daily basis.  The Florida courthouses were nice, but most in South Florida are modern and super high capacity.  Georgia, on the other hand, has a LOT of beautiful courthouses and I just bought a camera to start showing the world!   Sure, you could look them all up on-line, but this gets me outside.  I snap a few shots from different angles and lighting, then grab a bite to eat on the square with the local townsfolk.  Pretty cool way to spend a Saturday or Sunday.  Here’s a few shots I took this week.  The first is Cheorkee’s historical courthouse (1929), then Gilmer (2008), and Pickens (1949).  I have also added a PHOTOS link on my website, http://www.etowahlaw.com, to which I will publish new content.


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