Yellow Envelopes and Junk Mail

Congratulations! You pursued your dream and are now a proud business owner! You hired a lawyer who set up your LLC or corporation, filed your tax forms, registered your trademark, and drafted your agreements. All is well…until…

Whether you like it or not, when you start your own business, you become a member of the direct mail club and some of these leaches are pretty slick. You may get an envelope from “Finance Dept. of United Corporation Company” or some other nonsense. Some of these envelopes look pretty valid, some are identical to the IRS for example. Some say they will watch and renew your company to make sure it remains legal for a small fee. Some will almost threaten your trademark and monitor it for a small fee. Some will sell you on the corporation insurance nonsense. DON’T LISTEN!

Hopefully, your lawyer has told you what I tell my clients: unless it says “IRS,” “Georgia Dept. of Revenue,” “U.S.P.T.O.,” or some ¬†other REAL government entity, toss it in the garbage because that’s what it is. Someone trying to hop your coat tails. Someone who has targeted you as a new business owner. Someone who has made it their mission to profit off you being a newbie. They belong in the trash and your money belongs in your pocket.

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