Probation and Rap Sheets

I’ve written before about Cherokee County judges and their overall desire to do the right thing. I’ve mentioned how they treat people not as case numbers, but as people and crimes not as a label, but as a mistake. They really are a great, understanding group. But what about Cherokee’s prosecutors? Much of the same can be said about them.

Cherokee’s prosecutors do their job and do it well. They follow the judges’ lead in treating people like people and crimes as mistakes…to a point. If someone has a length history or violates probation numerous times, expect the hammer to come down. Hard. This is where having a LOCAL criminal defense attorney who is familiar with the prosecutors and county policy becomes necessary. Substantive violations of probation will land you in jail for some time. In fact, I saw a poor guy carted off yesterday for it. I spoke with him and he knew he was going to lose his job, miss Christmas, miss his family. Everything. I hope the court appoints me to represent him before it’s too late.



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