Another successful day on the battlefield!

Days like this just make me smile and relish what I do.  When you tell someone his case is dismissed, you can almost watch a ghost fly out of his body.  You can see the shoulders drop that great weight and hear him exhale. It all happens in a brief second and, in that second, you can see a combination of shock and relief set in at once. It’s over, man.  It really is over.

Today was one of those days. Not only an outright dismissal, but I also got a super speeder tossed.  There’s an extra $200 in someone’s pocket and, most importantly, a drawing down of a red flag insurance companies send scouts to find. Who knows how much will be saved in the long run?

Days like today keep me in check and remind me of what’s important – serving the citizens of Cherokee County, fighting for justice, and, most importantly, living to see that ghost again.

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