Alcohol arrests in Cherokee County

First of all, I am known to kick back a few now and then.  And doing so is fine so long as one maintains control.  Sadly, a few don’t.

One day I was enjoying a cigar on the porch of a local cigar shop.  A police officer rolled up and parked directly in front of me.  “I’m bored,” he said out the window. We got to talking and we got on the discussion of marijuana and alcohol.  He explained that marijuana arrests are rare here in Cherokee.  Especially compared to alcohol-related arrests.  “I’d say 95% of calls we get are alcohol-involved,” he said.

I don’t doubt it.  A large chunk, maybe a majority, of my cases involved alcohol.  Whether it’s DUI, domestic violence (this one is huge), or just doing something totally stupid, alcohol is a common factor.  And the Courts here in Cherokee treat it as such.  Pot may get you 10 days in jail and that’s it.  A DUI can get your license suspended, $1855 fine, jail, probation for a year or two, risk reduction courses, DUI Court observation, substance abuse violation, and random drug and alcohol screens for a year or more!  Now, I’m not saying go out and smoke some weed and empty your beers into the toilet; rather, if you’re going to drink, drink smart and responsibly.  Because this County is no joke.  And if you do mess up, seek legal counsel immediately!  He/she may be able to help save your license.

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