Cherokee County Judges. A personal perspective.

“Only a fool represents himself,” Abraham Lincoln once said.  And, in my experience, it’s true.  When you’re the one under the gun (believe me, been there, done that), your head is like a swarm of bees flying in every direction.  The fear of potential jail time, the pressure of standing in front of a judge or jury, the empty feeling in the pits of your soul when you think of your family.  A lawyer takes a step back and tries to see it like a jury, or, in most cases, like a judge.  So, that said, just how fair are Cheorkee County judges?

I’ve been in front of about all of them from Magistrate Court to State Court to Superior Court and Juvenile Court and my objective opinion is this: they all strive to do the right thing.  Times when I thought my client probably should be hammered but argue they shouldn’t, the Judges listen and respond appropriately.  Sometimes they do hammer defendants and, in most cases as an objective party, you can see why.  Other times, they realize people are people and they will make mistakes.  If they truly want to correct those mistakes and show regret, these Judges usually give them another opportunity to prove themselves to themselves and society.

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