One of my greatest pleasures is helping someone start his or her new business. To play a role in such a pivotal (and sometimes scary) time in their lives is truly a blessing. You can sense the excitement, the nervousness and you can see they want to make it. The legal stuff should not be on a start-up businessperson’s mind and, quite frankly, neither should accounting (unless someone actually enjoys keeping books and taxes — I know I don’t). A simple 30-45 meeting with a lawyer and an accountant should knock those concerns about legality and finances out of a start-up’s mind so he/she can focus on the business. Countless hours on the internet researching corporate form, IRS requirements, permitting requirements, Georgia sales tax requirements, intellectual property rights, trademarks, contracts, licensing…it’s all time away from making a business grow. A good lawyer and good accountant will have your back because we really do love to see our clients succeed!

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