Grow your business and you grow your target

Congratulations!  You’ve made it!  You started off small and grew your business into what it is today.  Unfortunately, you also grew your target; meaning that the more successful you and your business became, the more visible you became to what I call “the business world snipers” who are hiding and taking aim — disgruntled employees, opportunistic contractors, competitors, angry customers who see you as a winning lottery ticket, you get the gist.

It takes more than insurance to protect yourself and your business from getting hit. Your contracts need to be well-written, sound, and they need to shift and limit liability.  Every contingency must be taken into account, no matter how unlikely.  Your name and your business name must be kept out of court records and your reputations need to be protected like the recipe to “Coke.”  And you must protect yourself from those pesky things insurance typically doesn’t cover, like negligent hiring claims and sexual harassment.  Your business form must be carefully chosen and the legal requirements followed to a ‘t.’

My office has handled mergers and acquisitions, franchises, and a whole lot of contract drafting, review, and negotiation.  I know how to protect you and minimize that target you have on you.  Let the business world snipers go ahead and take aim and watch as their cheap shots backfire…

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