Flat rate services for a nickel and dimed world

Been there, done that. When you are the one who is sitting on the opposite side of the lawyer’s desk, you see things differently. Whether it’s a contested divorce, criminal matter, or you’re just looking to get a business off the ground, the thought that keeps going through your mind is, “Oh, God. How much is this going to cost me? I mean, how much is it really going to cost?” You pay the retainer, which doesn’t sound horrible, and cross your fingers as you wait for that first bill.

I’ve been there, done that, and grabbed my chest when I received the monthly bill. It is so frustrating and aggravating to see that you just got billed 0.2 hours for a one sentence e-mail exchange that took less than a minute. You borderline sanity as your eyes follow the line from the 0.2 in the hours column to the fee due column, $60.00. For a 30 second e-mail exchange. With this kind of hourly fee practice and procedure, it’s no wonder we lawyers have a bad name and everyone thinks we’re all rich!

Granted, some things simply have to be charged hourly, such as drafting a contract which may have 20 revisions. But many things don’t. And that’s how the Law Offices of Robb Ortman is different. If we can charge you a flat rate, we will. Because, let’s be frank, you have enough to worry about and keeping time sucks.

Worried you can’t afford the flat rate? We have payment plans. And if you can afford the reasonable flat rate up-front, we offer discounts.

No stress, reasonable, flat rate billing. It’s how we roll.

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